Open Tours 2023

We’re busy organizing private tours but still have space available on these scheduled tours. Some have VERY limited availability so contact us soon if you’re interested!

* June 16-26: SARDINIA-CORSICA Combo Tour with Claire

Overview: The islands of Sardinia and Corsica lie just a few miles from each other but they couldn’t be more different. Sardinia is Italian, Corsica is French; Sardinia has rolling terrain dotted with neolithic fortresses while Corsica has one of the most dramatic coastlines in Europe. This 10-night multi-sport adventure gives you a delicious taste of both.
​Activity level: 3 – Moderate: Rolling to sustained hills with some steep grades on a mix of terrains; there’s also an e-bike ride as well as two short excursions on river kayaks

Trip Cost: TBD, we’re still pricing out the activities but should have a price soon

Start/End: Olbia (Sardinia) / Bastia (Corsica)


  • stay 3 nights at a fabulous country hotel immersed in a lush garden setting
  • enjoy 3 hikes through gorges and dramatic limestone formations
  • e-bike along the coast of Sardinia with views over the sea
  • cool off with an easy kayak trip down a crystalline river
  • taste delicious wines and enjoy the cuisine on both islands
  • relax on the beach in front of your hotel
  • visit a 2,500-year-old stone tower in Sardinia and a megalithic site in Corsica
  • drive the “calenches” coastal road past pinnacles of red rock formations in Corsica
  • hike between lovely hilltop towns and visit the charming port town of Calvi

* Sept 16: SARDINIA with Manu

Overview: The Italian island of Sardinia is wild and rugged and has a fascinating history that goes back thousands of years. We’re going to set up a brand-new itinerary after a scouting trip in May so stay tuned and let us know if you’re interested! It will have some fabulous walks, amazing food, cool archaeological sites, and probably some encounters with goats and donkeys! 🙂

* Sept 27: PUGLIA “The Spectacular South” with Manu

Overview: Puglia, the southern tip of Italy, has so many beautiful and unexpected sights you’ll wonder why it’s not on everyone’s Bucket List. We take you off-the-beaten-track and also to some of the biggest names.

See full trip description here.


* October 15: SICILY “Coast to Coast” with Claire

Overview: Sicily has so much to see that we had a hard time deciding where to go, but we thought a well-paced cross-country trip was a good place to start! Begin in Palermo, cultural capital of Europe in the Middle Ages, and work your way over to Siracusa, once the jewel in the crown of Ancient Greece.

See full trip description here.