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Manu and Claire have been friends and colleagues for over 20 years, guiding active tours in Europe and exploring as much of Italy as they can. Now they’ve joined forces to launch a new tour agency and are excited for new adventures!


What Makes Us Special


Our experienced guides are enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and love what they do.

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We research all of our tours thoroughly to assure you get the best out of every holiday.

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From the big names to the coolest destinations you’ve never heard of, we’ve got it all!

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Life is short. Take that trip.


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Walking & Hiking

We can design tours for almost any walking level (depending on the terrain, of course!), and have tours that go from easy outings to the challenging Alpine hiking of the Dolomites mountains The activity level on our scheduled tours is clearly defined so you know…

Cycling & E-Biking

Some of our guides are also cyclists, and they’d be happy to show you around on two wheels. We can usually find road bikes for rent in most destinations, or try an e-bike, which allows all of the fun with a fraction of the effort (though don’t be fooled…

“Light Active” Tours

You don’t have to go on a “hike” to get your steps in, and sometimes a full day out in a city or exploring an archaeological site can be just as “active” as an organized walk. We’re also aware that we’re not as young as we once were, so we’re happy to offer tours that are…

What Our Customers Say

  • Sicily Coast-to-Coast

    5 out of 5

    Our trip to Sicily with Wild Sage in mid-October (perfect time of year) could not have been better. With Claire as our guide/interpreter and Giuseppe as our intrepid driver, we spent 10 days exploring the island from modern cities to Baroque towns to ancient temples, from the coast to the interior. All we had to do was soak in the amazing environment and enjoy ourselves – everything else was taken care of for us. The food, wine, and cannoli were delightful, the hotels and country inns lovely. We had any number of experiences (visiting a cheese maker, a cart-making shop, an ancient ritual bath deep under a church, a Roman villa with spectacular mosaics) that we undoubtedly would have missed had we not been with Claire. She not only planned a great itinerary but was also attuned to our group’s interests and differing energy levels. This was our first trip with a personal guide, and we’re sold on the concept – especially with Claire and Wild Sage.
  • Puglia: The Spectacular South

    5 out of 5

    We enjoyed a fun filled week full of varied scenic walks and historical insights from our guides and locals. Outstanding local accommodations made us feel welcome and relaxed. Traditional dishes, local wines and a plethora of choices of excellent fresh dishes made for some tough choices on what to enjoy each night.
  • Cuba: Music, Culture & Cuisine

    5 out of 5

    This Cuba tour was overflowing with music, art, dance, culture, and connecting with the Cuban people. And, of course, amazing, authentic food and Havana Club Rum. It didn't feel like a tour, but like a visit with family and friends. Claire and Manu put together a mix of experiences we won't soon forget and partnered with local guides to enhance our knowledge and understanding of the island and its culture. Both Claire and Manu are adept at "feeling out" the guests on the tour and make suggestions and adaptations that are like icing on top of the already incredible itinerary. This beautiful island came to life for us, and we are so lucky to be able to travel to Cuba now. Wild Sage provided us with a bucket-list experience, one that we won't forget, but might repeat!
  • Sardinia: Hiking through History

    5 out of 5

    This is a great trip. We visited archeological sites of the Nuragic people, a sacred well, a burial tomb, including a tour of one of their villages. The guide explained what is currently known about the ancient civilization which was fascinating and frustrating because there is still so much about them that is unknown. We visited museums which have Nuragic bronzes and stone giants. We hiked through the countryside with panoramic views of coastlines, valleys, and mountains and sightings of a range of wildlife including the last wild horse herd in Europe. Six hundred horses in family groups of 30-40. There were so many wonderful things about this trip: the city guide who spoke a few lines of the native Sardinian language for us and answered all my questions about the language, the guide at the vineyard who was enthusiastic about his job, the park guide who showed us the wild horses, the beautiful beaches where we relaxed and all the Sardinians we met. The food, wine, and hikes were amazing. A huge grazie mille to Manu and Wild Sage for putting this trip together to this wonderful island.
  • Sicily Coast-to-Coast

    5 out of 5

    My wife and I took a 10 day trip to Sicily in March 2023 with Claire Duiker from Wild Sage as our guide. This was our first time in Sicily and the tour had a perfect combination of seeing much of what the large island has to offer and time to relax and enjoy our group. The itinerary combined time in the amazing coastal cities of Palermo and Siracusa and in the middle of the island near Agrigento and Vittoria. Claire organized everything very well, from hotel selections, restaurant choices, and visits to sites. With her deep knowledge of European history, she provided historical context covering the many layers of Sicily’s past as we moved around and visited sites but gave us space to explore things ourselves too. And she was extremely flexible – if our group wanted to alter the schedule some or stay a little longer (or shorter) somewhere, she was always responsive to impromptu changes. I don’t like to move from hotel to hotel so much when I’m travelling so our itinerary was great in that regard: 2 or 3 nights in each location gave us a chance to unwind and enjoy the location without always worrying about packing and getting out the next morning. Claire is fluent in Italian and English, and it probably isn’t always easy to be working around the clock, including dinners out with your “customers”, but she is fun to be with socially and made it seem easy. I enthusiastically recommend Wild Sage and Claire as a guide for this trip or others. If Sicily, make your trip as long as you can- there’s a lot to see. JAM, California, U.S.