What We Do

We offer fully guided multi-day tours of different activity types. Choose one of our scheduled departures or ask us to start a new or private departure for your group!

Walking & Hiking

We can design tours for almost any walking level (depending on the terrain, of course!), and have tours that go from easy outings to the challenging Alpine hiking of the Dolomites mountains. The activity level on our scheduled tours is clearly defined so you know what awaits you, and it’s also possible to opt out of an activity if it’s too strenuous for someone in the group (we can easily set them up at a cafe with a glass of wine ).

Cycling & E-Biking

Some of our guides are also cyclists, and they’d be happy to show you around on two wheels. We can usually find road bikes for rent in most destinations, or try an e-bike, which allows all of the fun with a fraction of the effort (though don’t be fooled… you still have to pedal!), or you can get a simple upright “hybrid” style bicycle.


“Light Active” Tours

You don’t have to go on a “hike” to get your steps in, and sometimes a full day out in a city or exploring an archaeological site can be just as “active” as an organized walk. We’re also aware that we’re not as young as we once were, so we’re happy to offer tours that are softer on our aging bodies. So you may climb 100 meters (300 ft) to visit a Spanish castle, or wander for two hours over Ancient Greek ruins, or climb to the roof of a Medieval Cathedral to see the view. That’s still “active” in our book!

Thematic Tours

You can choose from a variety of thematic elements to design your tour around, like:

* food and wine

* art and architecture

* history and archaeological sites

* local traditions and artisans

* or… you tell us!

How it works:

* Choose one of our scheduled tours or ask us to set up a tour for you (ideally min. 6 people but we can get started with fewer). Let us know your preferred activity level and cultural interests and we’ll try to set up the perfect tour for you. From challenging hikes to city strolls, and from road biking to a day on a catamaran, in sea kayaks, at the museum, or just a classic “road trip,” we’re open to all kinds of tours (as well as mix ‘n match).